Special Districts

Special districts are created to meet a need for service or to encourage economic growth or urban renewal in a geographically defined area. The tax is paid only by those living in that area or those shopping in that area.  Special districts  have been created by the Louisiana legislature, Lafayette Consolidated Government,and by the municipal governments.

Waterworks Districts

Examples of  special service districts to provide a particular service include the Lafayette Parish Waterworks  District North and the Lafayette Parish Waterworks District South.   The purpose of the waterworks districts are to provide drinking water to the rural areas of Lafayette Parish. Waterworks District North and South are each governed by a Board of Commissioners. Commissioners  are chosen from property owners residing in their waterworks district who are appointed by their Council district representative on the Lafayette Consolidated Government City-Parish Council.  

Lafayette Parish Waterworks District North was created by an act of the Louisiana Legislature. The Board of Commissioners has an agreement with Lafayette Consolidated Government for LCG to install services, sell water, and collect the monthly billings from the customers for the service. Its Board of Commissioners has nine members who serve 4-year terms, with a limit of three terms.

Waterworks District South was created by a charter by the State of Louisiana and a franchise from Lafayette Parish in 1974. It provides a water system for the southern part of Lafayette Parish, including water line, wells, water treatment plant, and water meters. It is a legal entity separate from Lafayette Consolidated Government. Its Board of Commissioners chooses the manager, provides oversight, significantly influences operations and is accountable for finances. The Board of Commissioners has five members serving four-year terms, with a limit of three terms.

The Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority is one example of a special district formed by the state legislature to aid and encourage both private and public development of the Lafayette Centre Development District. Residents of the city of Lafayette pay a property tax to sustain economic  growth, as well as repurposing and restoration of properties in the downtown Lafayette area. Members of the Downtown Development Authority are appointed by the City-Parish Council with recommendations made as follows: two by the City-Parish President, one by the Chamber of Commerce, two by the DLU, and two by the City-Parish Council.

The Economic Development Districts, or EDD's of the municipalities (also called TIFs--Tax Incentive Financing)

Tax Increment Financing is a public financing method used to pay for redevelopment and community improvement projects. The Louisiana Legislature has given local governments the authority to designate tax increment financing districts. The district usually lasts 20 years, or enough time to pay back the bonds issued to fund the improvements. The increase in tax revenue of the new development above what that area produced previously is dedicated to pay for the project. Lafayette Parish has a number of TIFs or Economic Development Districts. They must be in the city limits. The city councils can levy an additional sales tax without approval of the voters. These districts charge 1 cent above the current sales tax for their municipality to those shopping there:

Lafayette B-2    I-10 @ Mile Marker 101 (area around Acadian Hills Golf Club on the NW side of the I- 10 clover leaf at the Evangeline Thruway)

Lafayette C-3    I-10 @ Mile Marker 103 (area south of I-10 at Louisiana Avenue)

Carencro G-7    I-49 Corridor (businesses along and near I-49 from the northern-most corporate limits along I-49 and on the north side of Gloria Switch Road intersection)

Scott K-11Apollo  (area south of I-10 at Highway 93 along the frontage road and south      down Apollo Road to Dulles Dr.)

Scott  L-12     Destination Pointe  (Undeveloped area in the northwest corner of the I-10 clover leaf at Louisiana Highway 93.