City-Parish President



I. Power

The powers of the President of Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government are given by its Home Rule Charter of 1992.  The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the City-Parish Government and separate from the legislative branch, the City-Parish Council.  The President is the only official of the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government who is elected by all of the registered voters and represents all of the residents of the City of Lafayette, the five smaller municipalities and the unincorporated areas of the parish.  He or she serves a four-year term and may be elected to three consecutive terms.


The President

·      appoints, sets the salaries of, suspends, and removes for just cause the chief administrative officer, chief financial officer and City-Parish attorney (with the approval of the City-Parish Council),


·      hires all department directors except the Civil Service Department’s director, for whom the Home Rule Charter sets out a different process, and sets their salaries, suspends, and may remove them at will


·       appoints the chiefs of the Lafayette City Fire and Police Departments,  which are  Civil Service positions.


·      appoints one or more members of  many of the city and parish boards and commissions, with some restrictions.


·      develops and proposes the annual budget, including the 5-year capital improvements plan, with the input of the departments, the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Administrative Officer, and has line item veto power over the budget unless overruled by a 2/3’s vote of the Council.


·      submits an annual report on the fiscal year’s finances and administrative activities of Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government, within 4 months after the year ends to the City-Parish Council


·      may be removed from office by the voters of Lafayette Parish  through a recall process if 25% or more registered voters initiate that process and a majority of those voting support removal


Requirements to be City-Parish President are:


·      work full-time for Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government; unable to hold any other elected or compensated appointment within LCG during the term of office and for one year after,  and refrain from other activity “that would interfere with or detract from the performance of duties as President.”


·      be at least 18 years old, eligible to vote in Lafayette Parish, and live in Lafayette Parish (whether in or out of the City of Lafayette) for a year or more immediately before qualifying for election, and continue to live within the parish.


·      not be convicted of a felony under state or federal law while City-Parish President


·      may serve as an elected member of a political party committee, charter commission or constitutional convention

II. Services

The President

·      directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies, except the Legal Department, of the City-Parish Consolidated Government, unless stated by the Home Rule Charter.


·      attends all meetings of the Council; informs the Council and makes reports about specific fiscal and anticipated needs of the City-Parish Government and recommends steps or actions to address them.


·      signs contracts for projects and items in the approved budget or specified by ordinance, and signs contracts upon the recommendation of the Professional Services Review Committee.


·      performs other duties requires by the Council, such as preparing other reports requested


·      meets and speaks as the only  parish-wide elected representative of the City-Parish Government and of the City of Lafayette locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally and issues media releases as such.


III. Funding

The total cost of the President’s Office for 2014 was $791,246.  The Administration portion of the City-Parish budget currently includes about 70 staff who provide a variety of additional services for Lafayette Consolidated Government


Each has its own account as a line item in the budget:

President’s Office

Chief Development Officer

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO

Small Business Support Services

International Trade

Emergency Operations and Security

Animal Control

Animal Control – Cruelty

Juvenile Detention

Juvenile Detention  - Kitchen

Human Resources

Workforce Investment Board




Home Rule Charter, Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government


Review of text by Lafayette Consolidated Government President, L. Joseph “Joey” Durel, October, 2015.