City-Parish Council

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The Council is the legislative branch of Lafayette City-Parish Government and is separate from the President, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the City-Parish Government.  The Council has approved >300 ordinances and resolutions each year, 2012-2014.

The powers of the present 9 elected members of the City-Parish Council for Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government are given in its Home Rule Charter of 1992.  


I. Powers


·      Propose property and sales taxes to the voters in compliance with state requirements

·      Review at public meetings the line items of the various accounts within the annual budget, including the 5-year capital improvements plan, increases or decreases allocations, and approves the final budget.

·      Override any vetoes for budget items by the City-Parish President by a 2/3’s vote of its members.   

·      Approve adjustments to the budget during the fiscal year

·      Provide for an annual independent audit and any other audits as needed, and select the auditor(s)

·      Approve bonding to be secured by the assets of Lafayette Consolidated Government

·      Approve contracts and cooperative or joint service agreements between Lafayette Consolidated Government and other entities

·      Acquire, convey, or lease property



·      Propose and approve charter amendments with 2/3’s majority of Council members and ballot propositions in compliance with state and federal requirements.

·      Approve, amend ordinances (local laws) for administrative codes, penalities for violations, assessments and service rates and charges, approve franchises,

·      Approve or veto creation or removal or reorganization of the departments of Lafayette Parish Government

·      Regulate review and approve plats and subdivisions, and zoning

·      Adopt resolutions

·      Override vetoes of ordinances by 2/3’s vote of Council members

·      Set council district boundaries based on census population report for equitable reapportionment



·      Appoint the Clerk of the Council, approve the Council staff's budget

·      Appoint members to the various boards and commissions with authority for special service units of government

·      Appoint interim Council members to any vacant Council seat

·      May consolidate or reorganize a board or commission that it has created to serve a specific governmental function

·      May create urban service districts for public services for the City of Lafayette

·      Hold quasi-legal investigations for a specified purpose into affairs and related conduct within Lafayette Consolidated Government

·      Set its own rules and order of business

·      Elect its own chair and vice-chair annually


·      Hold emergency power in a public disaster to appoint additional officials to reconstitute the government where some elected officials are incapacitated


Requirements to be a member of the City-Parish Council are:

·      work part-time for Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government; unable to    to hold any other elected or compensated appointment within LCG during the term of office and for one year after,  refrain from other activity “that would interfere with or detract from the performance of duties"

·      be at least 18 years gold, eligible to vote in Lafayette Parish, and have lived in Lafayette Parish for at least one year and at least six months in the district for which he/she is elected to represent preceding becoming a candidate and until the end of his/her term

·      attend the regular meetings/month of the Council and special meetings as scheduled

·      not be convicted of a felony under state or federal law while City-Parish President

·      may serve as an elected member of a political party committee, charter commission or constitutional convention

·      may not hold other elected public office, be an employee of Lafayette Consolidated Government, or serve on board or commission of Lafayette Consolidated Government

Term limits apply.  Members of the Council are elected to a four-year term and may be elected to three consecutive terms. A Council member may be removed individually from office by the voters of Lafayette Parish  through a recall process if 25% or more registered voters initiate that process and a majority of those voting support removal

Council members are paid as part-time employees of Lafayette Consolidated Government and do not receive benefits.  They serve as public officials at all times.s


II. Services of Each Council Member

Represents the interests, concerns, and business of
  • his/her district’s constituents
  • the residents of the City of Lafayette
  • the residents of the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish
  • the residents of the five smaller municipalities in parish-wide affairs

Requests and reviews special reports and other information as needed from LCG
Researches and votes accordingly on those matters listed above in Powers as

The Council members also sit on Liaison Teams with meetings being held in conjunction with staff members of the departments of Lafayette Consolidated Government.  The Council Chairman, with input from the individual members, determines who sits on each Committee, based on their requests/interest.  The Chairman appoints three (3) Council members to each Liaison Team, with the Chairman being an ex-officio member of all Liaison teams. 

With the exception of the Planning, Zoning and Development Liaison Team that meets monthly, the other Liaison Team meetings are scheduled on an "as-needed" basis.  Some teams may not hold any meetings during the year, whereas, others may meet 2-4 times a year.   These meetings are open to the public.  The Liaison Teams are as follows: 

Planning, Zoning, Development Liaison Team

Public Works Liaison Team

Information Services Liaison Team

Professional Services Review Committee

Finance Liaison Team

Criminal Justice/Court House Liaison Team

Intergovernmental Liaison Team

Legal Liaison Team

Police, Fire and Safety Liaison Team

Recreation and Tourism Liaison Team

Community Development Liaison Team

Services of the Clerk of Council’s Office

The Clerk of the Council hires the Council Office staff.  Together they 

·      provide information as requested by the public

·      maintain all records of the Council

·      keep the minutes of Council meetings

·      assist Council members in Council business

·      prepare and disseminate information for Council meetings

III. Funding

 The Council and the Council Office expenses include the clerk/staff funding for 7 positions, supplies, technology needs, equipment and maintenance for the Council Office, as well as the 9 Council members' salaries as part-time Lafayette Consolidated Government employees and their expenses for travel and registration for the 9 Councilmen, all totaling _____________. 



·      Each agenda for the Council meeting is published in the Daily Advertiser, the official journal,  usually the Friday before the meeting, and is also available to the public online at the Council’s website in advance and at the door at the Council meeting. 

·      The Council does not vote on any action item introduced until two weeks later in order for the public to have adequate time to be noticed, to contact the Council with questions or comments, or attend the meeting when the vote will be taken. 


·      The public is invited by the Chair of the Council at the opening of each meeting to complete a comment card and submit it to the Clerk of the Council before the meeting starts in order to be recognized to speak or weigh-in in favor of or against the item as proposed.


For more information about the role of City-Parish Council in Lafayette City-Parish Government, see the  “Defining Lafayette Consolidated Government” section of this web guide.



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