Animal Control Center Advisory Board

I. Power

The Lafayette Parish Animal Control Center Advisory Board was created by and is governed by Lafayette City/Parish Council. The purpose of this board is to act in an advisory capacity to the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government and to the Animal Control Center concerning the conduct of animal control operations. It also is charged with hearing and deciding appeals on animal control issues. The board shall carry out such other functions and duties as may be assigned to it from time to time by the Lafayette City-Parish Parish Consolidated Government.

The Board consists of up to 12 members serving 4 year, staggered terms with a maximum of three consecutive terms, not to exceed a total of 12 years. A Board member must be a registered voter living in Lafayette Parish for the duration of his/her time spent on the board. Nine of the Board members are appointed one each directly by the district City-Parish Councilmen.  Another is appointed collectively by the mayors of the five municipalities outside Lafayette Consolidated Government, and another Board member by the President of the Lafayette Veterinarian Association.  The other member is the Supervisor of the Animal Control Center, who is appointed directly by the City-Parish President.  

The Board may make its own rules and regulations concerning the conduct of its meetings, and elects its officers for one-year terms.  It may create various committees from among its members.

 While meetings of this board are by ordinance to meet regularly and are open to the public, they are currently held on an as needed basis.   Written and oral annual reports are to be made to the City-Parish Council.

II. Services

Services by the Lafayette Parish Animal Control Board are to advise Lafayette Parish Animal Control concerning the conduct of operations and to hear and decide appeals in cases of dog bites.   The City-Parish attorney serves as the legal adviser for the Board.

III. Funding

A.  Funding of the Board

An annual proposed budget of the Board, if any, shall be submitted by the Board to the City/Parish President no later than 60 days before the end of the Board’s fiscal year. The City/Parish President shall have the proposed budget reviewed and shall submit his findings to the City-Parish Council, together with his recommendation, if any, within 30 days after his receipt of the proposed budget. The City-Parish Council shall approve each annual budget for the board and shall have the ability to approve and/or deny any part or portion of the proposed budget of the board. There is currently no budget for this entity.

B.  Funding of the Animal Control Center

Prior to 2015 animal control had no specific funding source in Lafayette Consolidated Government’s budget.   The Animal Control Center itself, in addition to City of Lafayette and the unincorporated areas, serves the municipalities of Carencro, Duson, Scott, and Youngsville.  These municipalities have each paid fees annually to Lafayette Consolidated for this service.  With a successful 2015 tax initiative that added the Animal Control Center to mosquito abatement and the public health clinic in an existing public health tax, the Combined Public Health Millage, a more stable funding mechanism, was put in place for animal control.



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