Lafayette Consolidated Government

When we say "Lafayette Consolidated Government"  ("LCG") we may be referring to its elected officials, the City-Parish President and the 9 City-Parish Councilmen, or we may be referring to the many public services provided by the approximately 2,379 employees of LCG in its 11 departments.  Over 500 of these employees are working in the Lafayette Utilities System and its newer government enterprise, Lafayette Fiber. 

A few of the departments of LCG and some of the boards and commissions  serving special governmental purposes are included on this web guide, with more to be added over time.  The  explanation of the consolidated structure of LCG is in Section 4 of the Framework of Local Governments, "Defining Lafayette Consolidated Government"in the navigation bar.

Lafayette Parish is both one of the smallest in land area and one of the larger parishes in population, and its population and economy are continuing to grow faster than most.  Long-term planning and coordination of all efforts--governmental,  intergovernmental, interdepartmental, and community, can best utilize  current resources in terms of future needs--in transportation and mobility, housing and neighborhoods, utilities, economic development, land use, resource conservation.  Downtown Lafayette has also has long-term plan.

PlanLafayette, Lafayette Consolidated Government's comprehensive long-term plan for the next 20 years (2035 goal), along with the Unified Development Code, the UDC are discussed in this  video interview with LCG's Chief Development Officer, Carlee Alm-LaBarr.

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