Sometimes one or more units of government join in creating a new authority to manage and operate  a special long-term project or public service.  Such an example exists in Lafayette Parish: the Cajundome Commission.

The Cajundome Commission

The Cajundome was governed by the Council of the City of Lafayette until 1988.     Since then the  Cajundome Commission has had the  authority to operate the Cajundome.  The Commission hires the director.  The five members of the Commission are appointed as follows: three by the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government and two by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The Cajundome is a multi-purpose arena and civic center built in downtown Lafayette on property that had belonged to the university.  The Convention Center was added later to the original structure.  Together they are the  host sites for  conventions, sports events, fairs, concerts, graduation ceremonies, vendor shows, and more. 

Intergovernmental agreements were necessary to form both venues.  The State of Louisiana through the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Lafayette Consolidated Government are part of the total project.   (At the time of initiation, the city of Lafayette and the University of Southwestern Louisiana were the participants.)

Revenues come from part of the Lafayette Parish 4% hotel/motel occupancy tax, a subsidy for capital improvements from  Lafayette Consolidated Government, and user fees (charges for services), such as facility and box office fees, food services, suite leases, and others.