Layers of Local Government

Local government is made of several layers or administrative districts, each independent or semi-independent from the other. These administrative districts are also called "jurisdictions," the areas represented and served by their elected officials

People who live in Broussard, Carencro, Duson, Lafayette, Scott, or Youngsville are governed by several layers of local government:
     multi-parish  parish  city  special district

People who live in the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish are also governed by several layers of units of local government:
     multi-parish  parish  ward  special district

What Are the Units of Local Government at
the Multi-Parish  Layer of Local Government?

These units of local government are elected or appointed from more than one parish to serve multiple parishes:

Judicial, Public Safety 

15th Judicial Court
District Attorney, 15th Judicial District
3rd Circuit, La. Court of Appeal
Acadiana Criminalities Laboratory Commission

Environmental Protection/Water

Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District

Lafayette Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

What Are the Units of Local Government in the Parish Layer?

 1.  General-service Parishwide Unit of Local Government:

            Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government :

- Lafayette City-Parish President
- Lafayette City-Parish Council 

2.  Special-service Parishwide Units of Local Government:

Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court      Lafayette Parish Tax Assessor      Registrar of Voters

Lafayette Parish School Board        Lafayette Parish Sheriff        Lafayette Parish Coroner

3.  Parishwide Boards and Commissions

Commissions and boards are also special-purpose independent or semi-independent units of local government.  They are appointed in several different ways. Some are empowered to ask for taxes and borrow money with the permission of Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government as the primary government. Others may have some legal authority.  

Lafayette Parish Bayou Vermilion District
Lafayette Economic Development Authority
Lafayette Regional Airport Commission
Lafayette Parish Public Library Board of Control
Lafayette Parish Communication District
Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission

Within Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government:

Lafayette Public Utilities Authority (LPUA)
Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority (LPTFA)
Lafayette Preservation Commission
Planning & Zoning Commission
Lafayette Science Museum Commission
Board of Zoning Adjustment
Metropolitan Planning Organization
Civil Service Board     

Advisory boards and commissions:

These function in an advisory capacity  to a unit of government for a particular service or services, rather than being the governing unit themselves:

Lafayette Animal Control Center Advisory Board
Frem Boustany Auditorium & Convention Center
Lafayette City-Parish Recreation Advisory Commission

What Are the Units of Government at the Ward Layer?

Justices of the Peace
City Marshall (any portion of former Justice of Peace wards annexed by City of Lafayette)

What are the Units of Government at the Municipal Layer?

 Broussard Carencro Duson Scott Youngsville
 Mayor Mayor Mayor Mayor Mayor
 City Council City Council Board of Aldermen City Council City Council
City of Lafayette, within Lafayette Consolidated Government

Voters of the City of Lafayette elect these officials and pay for these services:   

City Court Judges
City Marshall, who also serves annexed areas formerly in Justice of Peace wards

What are the Units of Government at the Special-Service  District Layer?

Lafayette Consolidated Government

Downtown Development Authority (City of Lafayette)
Lafayette Parish Waterworks, District North (unincorporated area)
Lafayette Parish Waterworks, District South (unincorporated area)

The councils of each of the five other municipalities also create special-service districts.

What are the Other Units of Government? 

Cajundome Commission (City of Lafayette &  ULL)           

*There are also many state and federal government agencies operating in and contributing to Lafayette Parish, but they are not governed by or supported with local funding from voters in Lafayette Parish.  They are not included in the scope of this summary of the levels and units of local government.