Intergovernmental Cooperation

Many of the governing authorities assist each other through formal or informal agreements for assistance.   These mutual agreements are generally to meet needs such as sharing resources, expertise, specialized training by outside agencies, and cost savings.  Such specific cooperation is discussed in the sections of the  the individual units of government on this webguide.

One very specific and important example for public safety is the City of Lafayette Fire Department's working with the other municipal and unincorporated area fire departments, including those that are volunteer. 

Click on this video interview with Lafayette City Fire Chief, Robert Benoit for more details.

The Lafayette Parish Council of Governments, "COG"
  • The Lafayette Parish Council of Governments, "COG," is a non-profit, non-partisan  intergovernmental body formed in 1972. It is not a governing authority, but was created by resolution of the governing authorities who  formed it. The Council of Governments is made up of 
  • the mayors and councilmen of the five smaller municipalities,
  • the President and Councilmen of Lafayette Consolidated Government
  • the members of Lafayette Parish School Board. 
The purpose is to bring these elected officials together to solve common problems and work toward common goals. The Council of Governments may choose to take a public position, such as on bond or local propositions and legislative acts. (Each member unit of government must individually ratify any recommendations of its Board. ) The Council of Governments may also make contracts and receive funds, grants, and services from government or private or civic organizations. 

The Council of Governments meets bimonthly, rotating hosting among the member governments. Members discuss current issues in common, and report their concerns and progress.  Honorary non-voting memberships are given through a majority vote of the members.