Comparing Lafayette Municipalities Page

Area Served:

Governed By:
 (e.g. Board, Executive, etc.)
Created By:
How members are selected:

Organizational Structure:
Services Provided:
 (May need chart and/or map,(s) if many)
Pd/Volunteer/Advisory Groups:  
Qualifications for being selected (not staff): (Such as live in geographical boundaries? Registerd voter or citizen? Minimum age? Other?)
Who regulates/mandates? (Such as federal, state mandates, laws, Dept. of Justice requirements)
Who sets rules/policies?  
Who approves budget & expenditures?
Sunshine Policies:
  • Where are agendas, minutes for public access?
    Where are agendas, minutes for public access?   
  • How long in advance of each meeting is agenda available & where can find agenda & minutes?
  • Where is schedule of public meetings & budget meetings?
  • What constitutes a public meeting of the body?
  • What are rules for public to address the body, What are steps to appeal a decision?
Are there annual reports, strategic plans or other public documents?  Where are they available?
Funding: % of each:
  1. Levy taxes?
  2. LCG?
  3. Federal/state (grants or other)
  4. Volunteers/community?
Intergovernmental cooperation (Such as regional/state/national affiliates, partnerships, alliances, coalitions)
Long Term Comprehensive Plan?

(Discussion where appropriate.)

 Key Words: